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McDonald’s potato party

posted by Daphne April 15, 2016
McDonald's fries

Even if you don’t like McDonald’s, I think we can all agree that their French fries are pretty addictive. A couple of years ago, a bunch of teenagers in Japan came up with the (both fantastic and awful) idea to go to McDonald’s and order a ridiculous amount of French fries, dump it into a big pile and stuff their faces with it.

When I first read about these so-called “potato parties”, I knew I had to do it some day, because I’m not a sensible person. Earlier this year I decided it was time. I called my friend and we headed to our local McDonald’s, ready to become a new organism composed of 60% French fries and 40% human.

As we walked into the restaurant, our excitement was accompanied by a flicker of doubt. Are we really doing this? The cashier asked for our order. We couldn’t back out now.

“Um… We want 20 euros worth of fries please.”
“You want what?”
“Fries, 20 portions please.”

The cashier gave us a look of pure disapproval. “To go?” “No.” She packed it to go anyway.

We grabbed a tray ourselves, because we were too awkward to remind the judgmental cashier girl that we were going to eat all these fries right here, right now. We sat down in a corner near the entrance and unpacked the fries, dumping each bag onto the tray and watching in disbelief how big the pile was becoming. I was sitting facing the rest of the restaurant, which was a mistake – I could see the weirded out face of every customer walking by. An elderly couple a couple of tables away could not stop watching us as we tried to devour our giant French fry pile.

McDonald's French fries

So many fries

We ate and we ate, and we worked our way through the pile until about half was left. The fries were getting cold and stale, we ran out of sauce (we only got two packets – rookie mistake) and we just couldn’t eat anymore. We decided to give up and accept our failure to transform into French fry-human hybrids.

I didn’t want to touch another fry for weeks after this potato party, but you know what? It was awesome and I dare you to give it a try too!

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