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The best ice cream in Amsterdam

posted by Daphne May 21, 2016
Van Der Linde ice cream Amsterdam | Daily Delicious Eats

It’s almost summer in Amsterdam, which means I can finally almost not wear my coat and scarf. It also means it’s almost time for ice cream. Just kidding, it’s always a good time for ice cream. After a simple breakfast in Amsterdam we went for dessert (dessert after breakfast is a thing, right?) at bakery Van Der Linde, right in the heart of the city. It’s the ice cream my mum used to buy for me as a child, and it’s unlike any ice cream you’ve ever had.

Bakery Van Der Linde was opened in 1937 by Gerrit Jan van der Linde. During WWII, he was captured and imprisoned in a concentration camp. Fortunately, he survived his imprisonment and continued the bakery after the war ended. Now after so many years, the bakery is still a family business.

Van der Linde bakery Amsterdam

The shop is small, narrow and unpretentious

We headed to the bakery/ice cream parlour in the morning, but we were told there was no ice cream until 12:00. We could have known; there’s always a big line outside and people standing in front of the shop quickly eating their ice cream before it melts. We really wanted ice cream, so we walked around the city until 12:05, but we were told it would take another ten minutes. Again, we could have known – there was still no line outside the door. When we came back once again, we knew the ice cream was ready. So many people waiting!

Standing in line for ice cream

People standing in line for ice cream

They have three sizes of ice cream, which you can get in a cup, or the tastier option, in a cone. The medium size is only €1,10. Very cheap! The line might be long, but the service is quick, so don’t worry about that. There’s only one flavour, by the way. You’ll have vanilla ice cream, or no ice cream at all.

Ice cream Van der Linde Amsterdam

Worth the wait!

The ice cream doesn’t taste like italian gelato, but it’s not like a soft serve either. It’s dairy based, which gives it a creamy texture, and it’s almost as if you’re eating a thick, frozen whipped cream. The interesting thing is that one side of the ice cream is frozen, but the other half seems to be a thick, yet airy whipped cream that’s almost at room temperature. The difference in texture and temperature is what makes this ice cream unlike any other. Very creamy and tasty!

Of course, the bakery also, you know, bakes. They’re specialised in everything involving whipped cream, so I bought something small for after our ice cream. A dessert for after dessert, my best idea of the day. It’s a small pastry called a mergpijpje, which in this case is an outer layer of marzipan and chocolate filled with thick whipped cream.

Mergpijpje Van der Linde

Marzipan filled with whipped cream

Frank mergpijpje

Frank is a little tired after a Radiohead concert last night, but never too tired to eat marzipan-encased whipped cream

I don’t even like marzipan, but this was pretty good. For €1,-, you can have a very nice treat if ice cream isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mergpijpje Amsterdam

Look at that creamy centre!

You can find the bakery near Dam Square in the main shopping street, an 8 minute walk from the train station. And don’t be stupid like me, buy more than one of those little marzipan bars!

Bakery Van Der Linde
Nieuwendijk 183
1012MG, Amsterdam

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