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Michelin-starred Chinese-French fusion: dinner at HanTing Cuisine

posted by Daphne June 19, 2016
Steamed mackerel at HanTing Cuisine | Daily Delicious Eats

Last night we went all-out fancy and enjoyed a three and a half hour dinner at the Michelin-starred Chinese-French fusion restaurant HanTing Cuisine.

The first time I went to HanTing Cuisine was two years ago, and it was my first experience with fancy-pants food. I remember it being quite the experience, and although I enjoyed it a lot, I wasn’t used to the intensity of all the flavours. The restaurant changes its menu regularly, so this weekend Frank and I decided to go back and go for the full package: a six course chef’s surprise menu, including a wine pairing by the enthusiastic sommelier of the year Saskia Schurink.

We had no idea what was on the menu beforehand, but it included a lot of fish and the flavours were as intense as I remember them from our first visit. With every dish, the server explained what was on it, but there was so much on each plate, I forgot most of it by the time I started eating. I still have no idea what half of the things on my plates were.

The staff was very friendly, attentive and accommodating, and my request for an off the menu alcohol-free cocktail was whipped up in no time by our lovely server. The atmosphere is relaxed and fairly casual, which I enjoyed.

Prices for 3 to 6 courses range from €37,- to €68,- p.p., or you can order dishes à la carte. If you go for the full chef’s menu, be prepared for a long sit. I left the restaurant with a full belly and a sore butt. But it was worth it – I would go back just for the dessert!

Hey, famous guy behind me

Bon appétit!

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