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Popin’ Cookin’ DIY candy: mini ramen noodles!

posted by Daphne June 23, 2016
Popin' Cookin' ramen | Daily Delicious Eats

The Japanese have mastered the art of creating realistic food replicas. Watching a food artist create a humble cabbage from wax is simply mesmerising. But it turns out we can all channel our inner food artist with Popin’ Cookin’ DIY candy kits!

So, let’s cook up some candy ramen. The package comes with instructions on the back, but as I can’t read Japanese, I’ll have to make do with the pictures. I’ve had plenty of practice building Ikea furniture throughout the years, so I’m 80% sure this should be fine. Ikea powers activate!

Popin Cookin' instructions

I can do this!

Popin Cookin' inside

This is supposed to be edible

First step: cut out the moulds and take that white blob on the left to start shaping the dumplings. The blob smells like a very chemically sweet bubble gum. I have to say, rubbing it all over my hands doesn’t make it more appetising. And yes, I did wash my hands.

Popin' Cookin' candy

Making the dumplings, egg and fish cake

So this is how you make a candy dumpling 😆 #candy #japanesecandy #food #sweettooth #dumplings #popincookin

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Look at that! One of the mysterious packets contained a meat and vegetable filling for the dumplings. Isn’t that adorable?!

Next step: making the ramen.

Candy ramen powder

Water and powder: not quite ramen yet

Popin' Cookin' squeezing ramen

Squeezing ramen into the soup

I honestly didn’t think that was going to work, but it did. That was fun!

The final result

There’s my bowl of ramen and dumplings. The soup tastes like those rocket ice lollies. The noodles hold up quite well, though it feels weird to eat them. The dumplings taste like sweet chemical waste. Itadakimasu!

I got my DIY candy kit from an Asian supermarket for a little over €3,-, but you can find them here on Amazon if you want to give it a go. Also a great idea for kids’ birthday parties! They have a lot of different sets, so you can also make doughnuts or sushi for example.

Now where’s my DIY diploma?

Popin' Cookin' candy ramen

Don’t forget to slurp!

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