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Mobile Softee: the iconic Hong Kong ice cream truck

posted by Daphne July 5, 2016
Mobile Softee Fa Yuen Street | Daily Delicious Eats

Summer in Hong Kong is sticky, humid and blazingly hot. After a few days in this kind of heat, you inevitably start developing a sixth (well, seventh) sense for the nearest way to cool off – be it dashing into the electronics shop and pretending to be interested in buying that new Samsung, or looking for a blue-white-red Mobile Softee to stuff your face with ice cream and a bit of Hong Kong history.

Mobile Softee (or Mister Softee as it was called until 2010) started operating in Hong Kong in 1970 when the first ice cream truck was imported from England. In 1978, the Hong Kong Government stopped issuing licenses for new Mobile Softees, which is the reason there are only 14 of the iconic ice cream trucks left in Hong Kong. It also means that the remaining 14 are the original trucks from the 70’s, so you can justify eating ice cream as a cultural and educational activity.

The Mobile Softees only sell four products: soft ice cream, nutty drumstick, Large Cups and Jumbo Orange. An ice cream cone only costs $9 and you can conveniently pay by Octopus Card as well as cash. Unlike the famous and unusual Amsterdam ice cream I grew up with, the Mobile Softee ice cream cone is simply a classic, comforting and tasty soft serve.

Where to find your ice cream fix

You can find the ice cream trucks throughout Hong Kong, but you’ll definitely run into them in busy (tourist) areas such as Mong Kok and at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier. Some of them also play The Blue Danube tune, which has become the bane of my existence since I can hear one continuously from my room. But at least I can have ice cream whenever I want!

Update: have definitely hallucinated the tune at least once in the middle of the night.

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