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Lamma Island: where to eat

posted by Daphne August 22, 2016
FAT Monday Lamma Island | Daily Delicious Eats

Last week we talked about the beautiful (and slightly scary) Lamma Island. After the hiking and exploring, this FAT Monday is all about sitting back and enjoying the delicious food Lamma has to offer!

Lamma Island is known for its excellent, fresh seafood. You can choose what you want to eat from the aquarium in front of most seafood restaurants, and they’ll cook your chosen critters any way you wish. One of my favourites: spicy mantis shrimp with lots of garlic!

Lamma Island seafood aquarium

By fresh, I mean alive

We didn’t go the seafood route, as we had a sudden craving for Western food. A lot of (British) expats live on the island, so that wasn’t hard to find. Compared to the rest of Hong Kong, there are a few differences when it comes to going out to eat:

  • The food can be a little more expensive;
  • It’s OK to take your time and relax, as it’s not usually crowded;
  • There are a lot of vegetarian restaurants;
  • English is widely spoken and understood.

Where to eat

Here are some of the places we’ve tried that you shouldn’t miss on a day trip to Lamma Island!

Green Cottage | 26 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan

Green Cottage is a cosy vegetarian cafe that serves everything from pizza to fruit smoothies to delicious chocolate lava cakes to perfectly cooked eggs Benedict. It feels homely, the staff is friendly and it’s a great place to relax.

Banyan Bay Cafe | 26 Hung Shing Yeh Beach, Yung Shue Wan
Lamma Island Banyan Bay Cafe

Mmm, beans, bacon and buttery toast

For a nice, hearty English breakfast, go to the Banyan Bay Cafe. It’s a small cafe where you can watch all the locals and tourists pass by while you’re sipping your coffee.

Kin Hing Tofu Dessert | 1 Tai Wan To, Yung Shue Wan

I don’t like tofu. People always tell me it has no flavour, but yes it does. It tastes like tofu. Still, Kin Hing’s tofu dessert is a must-try on Lamma Island. It’s an open stall where you sit outside in the shade and a soft breeze. There’s even a lovely painting of their dessert on a neighbouring wall. You can order a bowl of tofu pudding hot or cold, and it comes with a sweet syrup on top. It’s silky and smooth and it tastes like tofu.

Lamma Grill | 36 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan
Lamma Grill

Lamma Grill

Lamma Grill won my heart in a number of ways: first with their great thick-cut fries, then by playing our favourite band Blur in their otherwise already great choice of music. On a side note, we saw Blur live in Hong Kong last year and it was just the best thing ever. Their latest album The Magic Whip is actually about Hong Kong, which you can buy here if you want to join the cool crowd.

Anyway, back on topic: here’s why you really need to eat at Lamma Grill: they have the best fall-off-the-bone melt-in-your-mouth ribs I’ve had in a long time. Ever? Possibly ever. Which I stupidly didn’t order, but Frank did, so I stole half of his food. No regrets.

Lamma Grill

Ha, he’s smiling because I hadn’t stolen his food yet

Any restaurant with a sea view


Regardless of the food, when it starts to cool down in the evening, go sit by the water and watch the sunset with a cold beer or a cocktail. Or a mocktail, if you’re a baby like me.


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