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Modern dessert art at ATUM Desserant Hong Kong

posted by Daphne August 8, 2016
ATUM Desserant ice cream | Daily Delicious Eats

Dessert restaurants are everywhere in Hong Kong. From little shops with fluorescent lighting to larger chains like Hui Lau Shan, you can get your fix of mango, sago, ice cream and stinky durian whenever the craving sets in. But there’s one dessert restaurant in Causeway Bay that goes way beyond just satisfying your mango craving: ATUM Desserant. They turn dessert into art – literally.

I found out about the restaurant through one of my favourite Youtubers, and you can watch his experience at ATUM Desserant here. He seemed so excited about the place, I just had to try it to see if it’s really that good.

ATUM Desserant

Desserts everywhere

ATUM Desserant is cosy and modern, hidden on the 16th floor in a building in Causeway Bay. Frank and I sat down at the dessert bar, where we were assigned our own dessert artist. We chose their signature Improvisation dessert for two (HKD 348,- + 10% service charge), which includes tea as well. And guava juice from a test tube, obviously.

ATUM Desserant guava juice

Pictured: not poison

For the Improvisation, we could choose a white, grey or black canvas for our artist to paint on. Black it is! I was a sort of goth teenager back in the day after all. So edgy.

Anyway, our dessert artist created the food painting in front of us and kindly explained everything she was doing. Every time I thought it was almost finished, she put even more on the… plate? Canvas? The black thing. I didn’t count all the different elements, but there were many: chocolate pudding, dark chocolate crisps, red bean cream, mango, taro, raspberry and coconut sauce, strawberry powder, raspberry crunchy bits, green tea mochi, mango and black pepper pudding, honeycomb, fresh fruits and more.

ATUM Desserant Improvisation

That honeycomb is sticky and delicious

After all that came the exciting part: liquid nitrogen ice cream in two flavours: pineapple and bamboo charcoal if I’m not mistaken. The latter tasted kind of chocolatey.

A photo posted by Frank (@dutchnomadfrank) on

The finished result was fun to eat, as you can mix up all the flavours the way you please. Another fun thing is that each dessert artist seems to have their own way of creating the Improvisation, so you can see different styles on other people’s canvases. And come hungry; it may look very artsy-fartsy, but it’s also a lot of food.

The last memorable dessert I had was at the Michelin-starred HanTing Cuisine, which had one clear theme and was very refined in flavour. Compared to that, ATUM’s dessert is all about the explosion of different colours and tastes and having fun combining all the elements.

So, is this place really that good? I’d say yes. Try it!

ATUM Desserant improvisation dessert

Yay, pink candy floss

ATUM Desserant Daphne and Frank

Ready to dig in and get fat!

ATUM Desserant finished dessert

Mission accomplished

How to get there

Atum Desserant is on the 16th floor of the L. Square building in Causeway Bay, a five minute walk from Times Square.

16/F The L.Square
459-461 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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