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Must-try Hong Kong breakfast foods

posted by Daphne September 12, 2016
Hong Kong breakfast dim sum | Daily Delicious Eats

During my two months in Hong Kong this summer, I noticed how many people started their day with a hearty breakfast. Everyone seemed to enjoy eating warm meals throughout the day despite the scorching heat outside. No quick coffee and a granola bar on their way to work in this part of the world. Considering the wide range of cheap and delicious breakfast options available on every street, why settle for anything less? And don’t forget to wash it all down with a silky smooth Hong Kong milk tea or a refreshing iced lemon tea.

Congee (rice porridge)

Congee (or jook in Cantonese) is a steaming bowl of savoury rice porridge, either plain (very good with white pepper, ginger and scallions) or with filling such as meat and Chinese preserved century egg. It’s one of the more healthy breakfast options out there, though I like to ruin that by ordering fried dough sticks for for dipping. Complete the meal with a cold or hot fresh soy milk!

Pineapple buns and egg tarts

A pineapple bun is a soft white bun covered in a blanket of sweet crunchiness. Despite the name, no pineapple is involved. You can have them plain, with a thick slab of butter or even as a sandwich with ham and a fried egg if you like. And where they have pineapple buns, they often have egg tarts as well. Might as well double up on your sweet breakfast while you’re there.

Best place to eat: where there are freshly baked pineapple buns, you’ll often see them displayed in front of the shop. Kam Wah Cafe is famous for the best pineapple buns in Hong Kong.

Instant ramen

Instant ramen is not just for the poor college student. Hong Kongers love their instant ramen, and you’ll understand why if you try it with a juicy pork or chicken chop on top.

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Dim sum

Obviously, you can’t go to Hong Kong without having dim sum. There are so many different kinds of dim sum, this is the kind of food you don’t want to eat alone – the more dishes you can order, the more different things you can try!

Some of the best and tourist-friendly places to eat dim sum: Tim Ho Wan (all over Hong Kong), One Dim Sum (Prince Edward) and DimDimSum (Wan Chai, Jordan, Mongkok).

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