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Our favourite cafes in The Hague for a great cup of coffee

posted by Frank October 6, 2016
Hop & Stork coffee The Hague | Daily Delicious Eats

Whether you’re a coffee freak or not, these are the four cafes in The Hague that we think deserve a visit if you want to relax, work or if you simply need a good shot of caffeine.

Since Daphne and I started running our content company this year, we’ve come to appreciate cafes with good coffee and enough places to sit down with our laptops and catch up on social media more than ever. We’re not the types who would take up a table all day ordering a single cup of coffee, but we don’t like to be stuck inside working either. Working from different locations makes our working days more lively.

I started drinking coffee just a few years ago, thanks to a friend who told me all about the differences between an espresso and a ristretto in – the now closed down – Doppio in The Hague city centre. I drink about one to two cups of coffee a day, which is less than the national average (2.4 cups), but enough that I know a good coffee from a bad one. In any case, I know what I like, and where you can find the best cafes in our hometown.

These are the four cafes that we love to visit, not just for work, but also to relax, lean back and enjoy the day.

For the chocolate (it’s Chocolate October on Daily Delicious Eats after all) | Hop & Stork

You get the tastiest coffee treats by far at Hop & Stork in the covered shopping area de Passage, near the Apple Store. The drinks themselves are fantastic – I usually order their iced coffee (a double espresso on ice), Daphne gets a creamy hot chocolate with whipped cream – and the complementary chocolate and chocolate mousse are pure bliss. The rest of their chocolate selection is worth a try as well – they have an in-house chocolatier. You do pay for it, but it’s worth what you get in return. It’s always busy during the weekends, because they consistently rank high on the yearly coffee test hosted by a large national newspaper (AD Koffietest), so plan your visit well!

Hop & Stork
Passage 82, The Hague

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For the area | Hometown

Hometown coffee The Hague

They offer board games inside as well!

The Hague is the city of parliament buildings, the ministries and lobbying offices. A city of government officials and many historical buildings. A sleeping town, according to some of those who spend their lives in Amsterdam, but that image is undeserved. It’s true that there are a lot of historical buildings and it is indeed quieter than our capital, because there aren’t as many tourists.

On a peaceful square called the Buitenhof, there’s a cafe named Hometown, where you can sit outside underneath the old trees during the summer, gazing at all the people walking by. The black coffee is strong, the way it should be. Recommended: the incredibly addictive millionaire’s shortbread. A small piece is included with your coffee, but you should try a full-sized one at least once. Hometown has the friendliest staff of all the cafes I’m mentioning here; they don’t bother you with anything while you’re enjoying your coffee, but they’re attentive and somehow always seem to know whether you want that second cup of coffee or not.

Buitenhof 4, The Hague

For the coffee | La Mano Maestra

La Mano Maestra coffee The Hague

You know a street is posh when it has a palace in it

This is not a place to work. This is a place to relax and enjoy your well-deserved break after a long day of shopping and a long walk past the Binnenhof, Lange Voorhout and Paleis Noordeinde, the palace where the Dutch king works. Surrounded by luxury shops, you can feel like a king yourself for a while in this cafe. No thanks to the service, by the way – that could be better, as it’s a little chaotic at times. Even though I might not know everything about coffee, I know that the coffee here is a delight. A nice surprise: the coffee is served with a couple of chocolate-covered nuts on the side. You can also have a good cheese sandwich for lunch here. This cafe is a pit stop; after refueling, you’re ready to explore the most beautiful city in the Netherlands for another couple of hours.

La Mano Maestra
Noordeinde 138-b, The Hague

For work | StationsHuiskamer

StationsHuiskamer coffee The Hague

Feels like home! Don’t fall asleep on the couch

Here in the Netherlands we have a decent system of public transportation. Yes, it’s too expensive and everyone who travels by train will inevitably deal with annoying delays and overcrowded trains. The nice thing is it only takes 45 minutes to get to The Hague from Amsterdam. That’s convenient for us too whenever I have to be in Amsterdam, and Daphne and I regularly meet at cafe StationsHuiskamer in The Hague’s recently modernised Central railway station for a chat and to work on a project. Here, you won’t find employees who would rather see you leave to make place for new customers. They openly advertise their free wifi and sockets for your laptop are all over the cafe, because they want you to stay and have that cup of coffee. The coffee here is just coffee, nothing to complain about. Whenever we have a lot of work to do, we go to this large, but cosy place where you can always seem to find a seat, even when it’s busy.

Koningin Julianaplein 19, The Hague (in Central Station)

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