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Trying Tony’s Chocolonely limited edition flavours!

posted by Daphne October 3, 2016
Tony's Chocolonely limited edition FAT Monday | Daily Delicious Eats

It’s Chocolate October at Daily Delicious Eats! To start off this month, we’re doing a taste test of our favourite Dutch chocolate: Tony’s Chocolonely. They’ve recently released three unique limited edition flavours:

  • White chocolate, carrot and walnut;
  • Milk chocolate and coke (…the soft drink);
  • Dark chocolate, ginger and lemon.

Of course, we bought them all and ate them all.

Tony’s Chocolonely’s odd name stems from their aim to have 100% slave-free chocolate. They felt like they were the only ones in the industry trying to reach that goal, hence chocolonely. In any case, they’ve endeared themselves to many chocolate lovers since they started in 2005 with their quirky packaging and most importantly, rather delicious chocolate. Of course you can buy them in shops in The Netherlands, but Tony’s Chocolonely is now sold in several states in the US as well. And if you’re unlucky to live somewhere without this chocolate (or too lazy to get up), they have a webshop for the US and The Netherlands. The limited edition bars are €3,19 each for 180 grams.

Now, let’s taste!

Tony's Chocolonely limited edition

Don’t let the bright colours distract you from eating ALL the chocolate

The three limited editions come wrappers that make me happy just looking at them.  And on top of that, the inside wrapper is gold, because why not make us feel like this kid for a second?


White chocolate, carrot and walnut

Tony's Chocolonely limited edition white

So much chocolate!

As you can see, the chocolate is divided into odd, uneven pieces, which means you can break off the tiny pieces to give to your chocolate-moocher friends. High five, Tony’s! But the real explanation by Tony’s: the current cocoa trade is unfair, and the chocolate bar is actually a map of West-Africa if you look closely and perhaps squint your eyes. Anyway, I think that’s a cool design!

Ok, let’s finally try the chocolate. The bar tastes like regular white chocolate with a pleasant walnut crunch and cardamom (that I first mistook for ginger), until the chocolate melts away and you’re left with pieces of dried carrot in your mouth. It’s an emotional rollercoaster from “mmm, chocolate” to “this tastes entirely too healthy” in a matter of seconds. I can’t complain. You’re getting exactly what they promised. If you like white chocolate and carrots, this is a 10/10.

Dutch fun fact: today’s carrots are orange because Dutch farmers cultivated those in honour of William of Orange and his struggle for Dutch independence. The more you know.

Milk chocolate and coke (not the crack kind)

Tony's Chocolonely limited edition milk chocolate

Revel in its beauty

The wrapper says milk chocolate and coke, but they don’t mention one awesome surprise: POP ROCKS. This bar is a blast to the past. Do you remember eating those little Coca-Cola bottle candies, or the tiny silver cola balls? That’s what this chocolate bar tastes like. I approve.

I don’t know how to describe this chocolate as anything else but 90’s kids nostalgia in a bar.

Dark chocolate, ginger and lemon

Tony's Chocolonely limited edition dark chocolate

Dark chocolate to finish the trio

I don’t really like dark chocolate, but I like this one quite a lot. The flavours don’t all come at once, which makes for a very interesting taste explosion in your mouth. You taste the dark chocolate first, quickly followed by the tangy lemon crunch. The ginger waltzes in at the end, and you end up with a tangy, gingery aftertaste. I think the flavours could be even more pronounced, but it’s a surprisingly refreshing flavour as it is.

The verdict

My favourite, as a 90’s kid, is the milk chocolate blast to the past. Frank agrees on this one, with dark chocolate coming in second – though he thinks the regular flavours (milk chocolate and salted caramel) are still the best. But all three bars deliver what they promise, so a big thumbs up for this limited edition trio!

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