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Visiting a local chocolatier: Friandises in Maastricht

posted by Daphne October 24, 2016
Chocolatier Friandises Maastricht | Daily Delicious Eats

It occurred to us a while ago that even though our country (The Netherlands) is so small, we don’t head outside the “main” cities much. We live in The Hague, a beautiful western coastal city that’s an international diplomatic hub. As lovely as it is, we want to see more of our country. So last week, we drove all the way down south to the oldest city in the country: Maastricht, known for its great food and beautiful surroundings. And we ate chocolate.

I’ve visited Maastricht once before as a child with my grandma, but I don’t remember anything from that day. This time, we spent three days over there in the south, where we hiked in the woods and countryside for hours, saw the city and more things I’ll talk about next AFK Thursday.

Maastricht cow

There were cows

One thing we wanted to try was the chocolate from local chocolatier Friandises, which is in the centre of town. They’ve had visits from Reagan and Clinton in the past, and if the chocolate is good enough for presidents, it’s good enough for me.

Friandises Maastricht Reagan Clinton

Showing off their famous clientele

Friandises Maastricht shop

Like my pink Princess Peach shoes?

The chocolate is much cheaper than the Godiva and Neuhaus chocolates we taste tested last week – we bought a small 200 gram box for €6,-. The chocolatier has many local fans, and I watched in delight as an old lady happily chose her favourite dark chocolates like a kid in a candy shop. Um, I suppose this is a candy shop. There goes my analogy.

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So how do they taste?

Friandises Maastricht chocolates

All the colours!

Friandises Maastricht chocolates

This one had alcohol

Chocolatier Friandises Maastricht

Soft and smooth

The chocolates are mostly very delicate with soft fillings. All of them had a unique filling and I love all the different colours. They’re quite sweet, but the flavours are good. Some of the chocolates contain alcohol, so if you don’t like alcohol in your chocolate (like me), you’ll need to tell them (which I should’ve done). The mandarin confit is something you won’t find in many places these days, and it’s lovely, sweet and gooey inside. Very interesting!

I wouldn’t say these are the best chocolates I’ve had, but they’re very good. Neuhaus is still my first love. Give chocolatier Friandises a chance when you’re in the area!

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Wycker Brugstraat 55
6221 EB, Maastricht

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