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Hiking through the countryside

posted by Daphne November 3, 2016
Maastricht countryside | Daily Delicious Eats

Someone has inevitably asked you this question at some point: do you prefer the mountains, forest or beach? If you’ve never been asked, congratulations with your higher than average quality (Facebook) friends. For me, mountains are better enjoyed from a distance. The beach does nothing for me since I don’t want to tan and it’s either too cold or too crowded. Give me the quiet seclusion of the forest. I’m a walking introvert cliché.

Maastricht autumn road | Daily Delicious Eats

The leaves are turning!

During our trip to the south of the country two weeks ago, we stayed in a studio right next to a forest (the Savelsbos) that led to the countryside. We went for a quick morning walk to the nearby cows we saw the day before. They were munching on apples from the trees on the field. That walk turned into an hour and a half long hike to the American Cemetery we were actually planning to visit by car later, because why not.

The long walk took us through a couple of small villages, as well as a surprising number of graves and crosses at the side of the roads. Whereas most Christians in the rest of the country are protestant, in the southern province of Limburg, 75% is catholic.

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Limburg village catholic shrine | Daily Delicious Eats

Came across this shrine in one of the villages

Limburg countryside grave | Daily Delicious Eats

28 year old Matieu died here unexpectedly in 1859.  His family wants us to know he was a neither a drunk, nor a blasphemer.

Limburg countryside | Daily Delicious Eats

If only this view was closer to home

Walking through the forest, countryside and the villages, I wondered if I could leave the conveniences of the city and live in the countryside. Then I realised this country is so small, you’re never far away from the city, so this is hardly a dilemma.

But not for now. Maybe when I’m old, I can be the village grandma. That would be good.

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Autumn tree | Daily Delicious Eats

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