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Top breakfast spots in Manchester

posted by Daphne November 28, 2016
Manchester pub | Daily Delicious Eats

We flew over to Manchester for a couple of days for a late-night Autechre concert. Little did we know, our flight was on the day Manchester United was playing against Feyenoord. After the most annoying flight in my life surrounded by obnoxious football fans, it was time to recover with a big plate of hearty hangover food. Luckily that’s exactly the food the Brits do best. Bacon, sausages and beans for days!

Full English breakfast in a pub

Full English breakfast Manchester | Daily Delicious Eats

Some people prefer a light breakfast. Fruit, coffee, yogurt. Perhaps a croissant. I’d rather go for a big plate of buttery toast, bacon, sausage, eggs and beans. No black pudding, I’m not British enough for that. But for a decent, cheap and filling full English breakfast, you can’t go wrong in one of the many pubs Manchester has to offer. Take note of your table number and order and pay at the bar – you can get a big breakfast for as little as £3,49. In fact, in all the breakfast spots we tried, the pub we liked to visit (near the movie theatre) had the most consistently nice and runny fried eggs. Thumbs up for that!

Teacup Kitchen

Going for a more hipster setting? Head over to Teacup Kitchen. Stylish and modern, this is the type of place that gives you an hourglass timer for your pot of tea. Their full English breakfast is a step up from what you’d get at a typical pub. Try it for their homemade baked beans alone. I also tried their “Royale Northern”, smoked salmon and poached eggs on toasted sourdough bread. Unfortunately my eggs weren’t runny, but the sourdough bread is fantastic. Teacup Kitchen offers a variety of delicious-looking cakes as well.

Teacup Kitchen

55 Thomas Street,
Manchester, M4 1NA.

The Albert Square Chop House

Not only a great place for breakfast, but also a wonderful place to feel like you don’t actually speak English whilst reading their menu. Boiled egg & soldiers, gateshead bacon floddies or a sausage barm? I think this is the reason they offer free wifi. I had the sausage barm, which turns out to be two tasty sausages in a toasted buttery bun without all that vegetable nonsense. Two thumbs up.

The Albert Square Chop House

The Memorial Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M2 5PF

Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee Manchester | Daily Delicious Eats

Done with all the British? Moose Coffee’s got your back with their American diner style breakfast. I had a massive plate of French toast topped with bacon and maple syrup, but you can even have a Southern-style giant bowl of grits with garlic, cheese, fried eggs and more sides you can’t possibly finish. YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY FINISH.

That’s a dare.

Moose Coffee

20 York St, M23BB

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