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Eat, relax and ride a sampan in Sai Kung fishing village

posted by Daphne December 15, 2016
Sai Kung boat | Daily Delicious Eats

Last week we talked about a day trip to the bustling town of Yuen Long, taking you outside the famous areas of Hong Kong. This week we’re heading east to Sai Kung, a fishing village far away from busy bankers and Louis Vuitton stores. Far away in lifestyle, not distance – a half an hour minibus ride will take you from Mong Kok straight to Sai Kung Town.

Sai Kung Town is a great place to get away from the crowd for a day, especially during the week. If you love dogs, this is the place to be – it’s one of the few places in Hong Kong where having a dog makes sense, so you can see a lot of locals strolling down the street with their canine fluffballs. Sai Kung is also home to a fair number of expats, so you can get by with English (+ hand gestures) a lot of the time. There are charming little shops everywhere, but Sai Kung is not quite as hippie as Lamma Island. If you want the full-blown hippie island experience, be sure to go there.

The freshest seafood!

First things first, obviously you’ll want to have a look at the seafood when you’re in a fishing village like Sai Kung. Every day you’ll find small boats docked along the pier with their fresh catch. You can buy everything straight from the boats and take it to the waterfront restaurants to have it cooked any way you like.

Sai Kung Hong Kong seafood | Daily Delicious Eats

Western food

Not into seafood? There are plenty of other things to eat in Sai Kung. I like the cosy little cafe Five Coffee Company for an afternoon snack. Nice French toast and decent hot dogs! And coffee, of course.

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Sai Kung Five Coffee Company | Daily Delicious Eats

Ride a sampan

Sai Kung boat | Daily Delicious Eats

Instead of staying on the land, you can ride a sampan to one of the outlying islands or take a tour. The tour is an hour long and much recommended – especially if you’re in a group, since the lady charges by hour rather than per person. As the landlubber that I am, it was fun to see how elegantly the locals move on the water. The water is their life.

Enjoy the surroundings

The town is full of fun little surprises. Walk around to find colourful vending machines, adorable wall art and a small but beautiful temple. Watch happy dogs play with their owners. Sit back and relax.

How to get there

A taxi from Mong Kok will cost about 100 HKD. You can also take a red minibus in Mong Kok from Dundas Street straight to Sai Kung (pay in cash when you get in). Other connections: from Diamond Hill MTR, take KMB bus 92 to Sai Kung. From Choi Hung MTR, take green minibus 1A near exit C1. Green minibuses accept Octopus cards.

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