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Awesome hidden Hong Kong cat cafe: Cat Longtang

posted by Daphne January 23, 2017
Cat Longtang cat cafe Hong Kong | Daily Delicious Eats

The other day Frank and I tried to have a cup of coffee/hot chocolate (I’ll learn to drink coffee when I grow up) at a local cat cafe here in The Hague, but they were full because they have six cats and everyone wants six cats with their coffee. It did remind me of a hidden cat cafe in Hong Kong that I love: Cat Longtang!

There are a lot of cat cafes in Hong Kong, one of our favourites being Ah Meow Cat Cafe in Causeway Bay. They not only have a lot of beautiful (and sassy) cats, but also freaking adorable food.

But then we found a secret cat cafe…

Then one afternoon we were strolling around Prince Edward and we ran into a mysterious sign with a derpy black cat on it. That clearly required further investigation. The sign led us around the corner to a nondescript entrance. No sign of any cats. The stairs led to a locked door, so we tried the rickety lift instead. When we stepped out, there was the derpy cat. And it’s offering us a drink. How nice. I’m sure this is not a trap.

Cat Longtang cat cafe | Daily Delicious Eats

The owners let us in and WOW ALL THE CATS. It’s an open space with a couple of low tables (those ones where you sit on the floor). The owners are a guy and a girl (henceforth known as The Guy and The Girl) who clearly love their cats a lot. The Guy explained how it works: you take your shoes off and disinfect your hands. There are lockers for your bags. There isn’t really any food, but you pay for the time you spend inside. It does includes a drink, so we had two pots of tea. But this place is not about the tea.

In other cat cafes, you can have lunch or a drink and also see some cats. In Cat Longtang, you come for the cats. Tea is just a bonus.

Cat Longtang cat cafe Hong Kong | Daily Delicious Eats

We went to Cat Longtang in the last two weeks of our two month Hong Kong trip, so we were missing our own cats Nina and Lumpy quite badly. So we were excited like little kids to have the cats in the cat cafe all to ourselves! Some cats were playful, some mischievous, some lazy, some derpy. The Girl liked the flat-faced derps the most. They’re the most relaxed ones.

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Cat Longtang cat cafe Hong Kong | Daily Delicious Eats

Cat Longtang cat cafe Hong Kong | Daily Delicious Eats

We talked to The Guy for a bit, he speaks English and he’s very nice. He told us more about the cats and their names (one cat is called Watermelon if I remember correctly). The Girl showed us the cats’ favourite toys.

Cat Longtang cat cafe Hong Kong | Daily Delicious Eats

If you like the idea of a cat cafe, but you’re worried about the conditions and treatment of the cats, this is one of those places where you don’t have to worry. The cats seem to be top priority in Cat Longtang and when they get sick of people, there’s a room in the back they can go to freely. These cats walk around like they own the place.

Cat Longtang cat cafe Hong Kong | Daily Delicious Eats


I don’t know how busy the place is usually, but we arrived just as another group was leaving and we were the only ones there the whole time. That’s a precious bit of peace and quiet in a place like Hong Kong. I’m looking forward to go back again for sure.

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How to get there

Cat Longtang is very close to Prince Edward MTR exit C1. The entrance is on Nathan Road and you have to take the lift up to 2C. You won’t see any sign of the cat cafe until you go up, so don’t worry about that.

Cat Longtang

Kwun Ngan House, 751 Nathan Rd (2C)
Mong Kok

Open 1:30 PM – 11 PM. Closed on Wednesdays.


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