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Norwegian supermarket chocolate: why so salty?!

posted by Daphne January 5, 2017
Norwegian chocolate | Daily Delicious Eats

We’re back from a slightly cold New Year’s trip to Oslo, Norway! It’s a beautiful, clean and spacious city that has a population of about 7 people (give or take a few). It’s peaceful and quiet. And it’s outrageously expensive. Seriously, I saw bags of crisps for nearly 8 euros. But I enjoyed the crisp Nordic air and their weird, weird candy.

Norwegians really love the salty liquorice known as salmiak or salmiakki, which is flavoured with ammonium chloride. It’s an acquired taste to say the least. It happens to be fairly popular here in The Netherlands, so although I don’t like it, I don’t hate it either. Frank is Dutch enough to love it. But to anyone who didn’t grow up eating salmiak, it can be downright gag-inducing.

Today we’re taste testing the chocolate part of our Norwegian supermarket candy haul, and as it turns out, even their chocolate can’t escape the claws of salmiak. Time to eat!

Norwegian chocolate

Center Salmiak

Look at that magnificent gooey centre. Imagine this was luscious, golden caramel. It’s not. IT IS THE ROLO OF NIGHTMARES.

…If you hate salmiak, anyway. When you bite into the chocolate, the goo oozes out and the salty salmiak mixes with the sweet chocolate and it’s so weird. To be honest, I prefer this to regular salmiak. It has started to grow on me after a few tries. When I bit off a part for this photo though, it left a very salty and bitter aftertaste in my mouth that I don’t notice when eating the entire nightmare-Rolo. It must be the chocolate-to-salmiak ratio. Frank loves these and thinks they could be even more salmiakki (haha).

Cookie rating:

Cookie rating | Daily Delicious Eats

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Draumur Milk Chocolate and Licorice

Draumur Milk Chocolate and Licorice | Daily Delicious Eats

Bonus points because of the cat logo. Other than that… meh. It’s a bar of milk chocolate with soft, salty liquorice inside. Interestingly, I find the liquorice flavour too overwhelming, but Frank thinks the opposite. Neither of us like the chocolate. The soft liquorice has the same texture as raisins and no sane person likes raisins in chocolate/cookies, so -1 point for that.

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Cookie rating | Daily Delicious Eats

Sjoko Skruer

Sjoko Skruer | Daily Delicious Eats

No salmiak this time! These are chocolate-covered salty crunchy things. I quite like salty-sweet things, so this should be good. It’s not. IT IS THE SALTY CRUNCHY THING OF NIGHTMARES.

What’s wrong with it? It’s so ridiculously salty it’s nigh inedible. The first bite shows promise until the salt comes through and hits you in the face. It would make a good party game perhaps: who can eat the most without drinking any water?

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Kvikk Lunsj

Kvikk Lunsj | Daily Delicious Eats

Hmm, this looks familiar. Kvikk Lunsj (quick lunch) is an iconic Norwegian snack that every true Norwegian can recognise by taste. I’m not cookie rating this one today. I’m taking on the “How secretly Norwegian am I?” challenge with a blind taste test in our food battle next week:

Kvikk Lunsj vs KitKat!
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