Best Youtubers to follow for Asian food!

posted by Daphne February 20, 2017
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When I’m not eating, I like to watch other people eat. Because I also like to be not a creep, I watch my favourite Youtubers eat instead of going to McDonald’s to stare at people the way they stared at me that time I tried to eat 20 portions of fries in one sitting. These are the food (and travel) Youtubers you should watch if you’re totally not a creep like me.

Abroad in Japan

If you’re interested in Japan and/or dry British humour, you should subscribe to this sarcastic little bastard who “is overweight and has a poor quality face”. His Youtube banner features a monkey waiter and flying Marmite. That’s all you need to know.

Strictly Dumpling

Mike Chen eats A LOT of food. He’s based in the US, but he travels and eats ridiculous amounts of (mostly Asian) food. He’s a “wtf are vegetables?” kind of guy who loves food more than Kanye West loves Kanye West. His video was the reason we had an amazing dessert for lunch at Atum Desserant last year.


This channel is simple and amazing. It’s all about street food and interesting sights in Hong Kong and all over the world. No talking, no explanations. Just watch.

Simon and Martina

Of course, Simon and Martina have to be on the list! If you don’t know them, you have years of videos from Korea and Japan to watch and it’s amazing. Not only do they love food, but they’ll inspire you to love the little things in life.

Go on and waste your day watching people eat food on Youtube!

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