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Magnum chocolate bars without the ice cream! Yay?

posted by Daphne March 2, 2017
Magnum signature chocolate bar | Daily Delicious Eats

Have you ever wanted a Magnum, except without all that ice cream? Me neither. But if you ever do, Magnum’s got your back with their signature chocolate bars. Let’s try them all: white chocolate with Madagascan vanilla, classic milk chocolate and dark chocolate with cocoa nibs!

Magnum signature chocolate bar | Daily Delicious Eats

When it comes to ice cream, I was a spoilt little kid. I never had to make do with knockoff brands and I always got to choose my favourites: Winner Taco (called Choco Taco in the US, which makes more sense but only sounds half as cool), Solero, Calippo and of course: Magnum. Especially the white one and milk chocolate almond. Here we get to the main question: does the chocolate taste good without the ice cream?

I got these three bars from my local supermarket for €1,99 each.

Magnum WHITE with a hint of Madagascan vanilla

Description: white chocolate bar with Madagascan vanilla extract and exhausted vanilla bean pieces.

After looking up why these vanilla bean pieces are so tired, I found out that it means that all the flavour has been extracted and the little specks are only there for looks. To be fair, all those vanilla specks do make the chocolate bar look tastier. My brain is easily fooled. The chocolate is very sweet with a nice hint of vanilla, good when you need an intensely sweet kick. I added some pieces to my tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough, but the pieces are too thick and the cold takes away the smoothness and makes them feel clumpy in the mouth. I guess the thickness of the chocolate on a Magnum is the perfect chocolate-to-ice cream ratio.

Cookie rating:

Cookie rating | Daily Delicious Eats

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Magnum CLASSIC intense milk chocolate

Description: cocoa solids 38% minimum, milk solids 14% minimum.

Whereas the white chocolate bar is intensely sweet, the classic milk chocolate bar is quite the opposite. It has a slight bitterness that makes it more balanced and enjoyable to me than the sugary Cadbury. Definitely tastier than the vomit aftertaste that comes with Hershey’s. Will save some to throw into my Ben & Jerry’s later tonight.

Cookie rating:

Cookie rating | Daily Delicious Eats

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Magnum DARK with cocoa nibs

Magnum signature chocolate bar | Daily Delicious Eats

Description: cocoa solids 50% minimum, 3% cocoa nibs.

I like the design of having two large blocks instead of a lot of small ones, but for this dark chocolate bar it reminds me of those generic chocolate squares that you get in hotels. Or used to get in hotels, I haven’t found any chocolate on my pillow for years. What’s up with that?! Anyway, this is a problem, because the chocolate also tastes like those generic hotel chocolates. The crunchy cocoa nibs give it an interesting texture. The chocolate is no by means bad, it’s just that if you prefer milk chocolate (like me) you’re better off with the classic bar, and if you prefer dark chocolate, this bar is likely not going to be dark enough for your taste. It’s a little bit meh, nothing special.

Cookie rating:

Cookie rating | Daily Delicious Eats

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General verdict:

For €1,99 I would go for a different brand in all three cases even though the chocolate isn’t bad. Still best with ice cream!

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