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posted by Daphne March 27, 2017
How to make soy milk recipe | Daily Delicious Eats

Did you know that you’re not supposed to get stomach aches and diarrhea after drinking a nice, cold glass of milk? I found out when I was 20. I was, evidently, not a smart kid. My GP told me to stop drinking milk, so I’ve turned to something only hippies and Asians drink: soy milk.

My favourite store-bought soy milk is Vitasoy. Seriously, go to the Chinese supermarket and try the malt-flavoured one in the brown packaging. It turns out it’s really easy to make your own soy milk though, so I did just that. The great thing is that you can flavour it yourself. To be fair I don’t particularly love soy milk, but it tastes nostalgic to me and it doesn’t give me diarrhea, so there we go.

Homemade soy milk | Ingredients

  • 1 cup dried soy beans
  • 7 cups water
  • Optional: sugar, vanilla

You also need: a large bowl, a large pot, cheesecloth or a very fine strainer.

How to make soy milk recipe | Daily Delicious Eats

Turn those beans into milk

Soak the soy beans in plenty of water overnight (12 hours).

Try to remove the outer skins the best you can by rubbing and squeezing the beans in your hand.

Drain the water and blend the soy beans with six cups of water until fairly smooth.

Strain the mixture into the cooking pot. Pour the remaining cup of water over the soybean pulp* and squeeze the pulp out until it’s almost dry.

Boil the soy milk for about 20 minutes, stirring and skimming the foam occasionally. Add sugar and other flavourings to taste (I added about two tbs sugar).

Drink warm or cold, store in the fridge for up to four days.

* The soybean pulp is also called okara, and you can actually cook and bake with it or even make tempeh. I can’t be bothered, so I use it to feed the bin. If you do use it for something, let me know how it turned out!

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