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First Dunkin’ Donuts in Amsterdam + special editions!

posted by Daphne April 1, 2017
Dunkin Donuts Amsterdam stroopwafel | Daily Delicious Eats

The first Dunkin’ Donuts has just opened in Amsterdam! People camped outside for an entire night waiting for the shop to open, hoping to be one of the first 100 customers who would win free doughnuts for an entire year. A second shop is opening April 6, so if you want free doughnuts… go for it. But more importantly, how are the doughnuts? I got four of the Dutch edition ones: stroopwafel, chocolate tulip, Delft blue and Amsterdam. Eat eat eat!

Stroopwafel Dunkin’ Donut

If you don’t know what a stroopwafel is, don’t worry. It’s only one of the best things in the world. It’s a thin caramel waffle that’s crispy and gooey and sweet. Dunkin’ Donuts created a stroopwafel doughnut: a chocolate and caramel glaze on top, a caramel centre and a mini-stroopwafel tucked into the doughnut. I found it a little disappointing. It’s extremely sweet and the “caramel” centre tastes like liquid cotton candy. I couldn’t finish it. They don’t skimp out on the filling though, so if you have a major sweet tooth, this might just be your thing. But Frank liked it, so maybe I’m just being picky.

Cookie rating: Cookie rating | Daily Delicious Eats

Chocolate tulip Dunkin’ Donut

Another doughnut without a hole, the chocolate tulip doughnut is covered with a sugary chocolate glaze, topped with a thick piece of very sweet chocolate and filled with a glistening chocolate filling. Again, the doughnut mainly tastes of sugar. I can only imagine how delicious this could’ve been: a soft, melt-in-your-mouth doughnut with a rich, creamy ganache and a lingering, deep cocoa aftertaste. But it’s not. Step up your game, Dunkin’. Dutch people know their chocolate.

Cookie rating: Cookie rating | Daily Delicious Eats

Delft blue and Amsterdam Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Amsterdam | Daily Delicious Eats

These two doughnuts have holes! Yes! Sorry, don’t know why I’m excited about this. I wasn’t expecting anything special from these, as they should be regular doughnuts with a printed glaze. But there’s vanilla custard inside the doughnut! I really like these. They’re either not too sweet, or my mouth is numb from eating the other two. Anyway, thumbs up.

Cookie rating: Cookie rating | Daily Delicious Eats

Hmm. Not exactly a perfect score and a bit expensive at €1,95 per doughnut, but we’ll be back for round two to see how the other flavours stack up. Hopefully they’ll do better! Frank has good memories of having a Dunkin’ Donut with coffee on a cold New York morning and we’re very happy about famous brands finding their way to our country. Hoping for more chains to head over soon!

Looking at you, Krispy Kreme. I need more Biscoff (Speculoos) doughnuts in my life.

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