Flying do’s and don’ts: apologies from a seat recliner

posted by Daphne April 25, 2017
Flying do's and don'ts | Daily Delicious Eats

I’ve been flying since before I can remember. I used to fly back and forth to Hong Kong with my dad, who let me sleep on the floor between the seats. Airplane floors are very noisy by the way, emitting a constant, deep rumble. We flew like this often enough that I could measure my height by airplane seat floor: fitting perfectly at first, then slowly my feet started poking out into the aisle. I’ve never seen any kids travel like this since.

So flying was never a “new” experience for me, but I did take things for granted that I shouldn’t have. Such as reclining my seat.

I’M SORRY. I didn’t know!

I’m small and short, and one of the perks of that is that an economy seat is spacious for me. I have plenty of legroom, because I don’t have a lot of leg. It never bothered me when the person in front reclined their seat, because I had the same amount of space as long as I reclined my seat as well. As long as everyone reclined their seat, I thought that everyone would be more comfortable. I had no idea how wrong I was until I started flying with Frank.

Economy seats are an endless source of frustration for him. When the person in front of him reclines, he’s locked into his seat with his knees painfully pressed against the back of the seat in front.

I don’t know how many people I’ve pissed off during my flights, but I’ll try not to do it again. That being said, here are some things I wish more travellers would or wouldn’t do:

  • If your row number wasn’t called, don’t stand in line to board and waste everyone’s time.
  • Don’t hog the overhead cabin with your purse. Let people put in large hand luggage first, then you can see if there’s space left for your purse.
  • Don’t block the aisle to rummage through your bags while people are boarding. I’m sure it can wait a few minutes.
  • Don’t kick my chair. Don’t grab and pull my chair (and my hair) when you get up unless you need to. And don’t put your feet onto my arm rest!
  • If you’re flying with kids, don’t forget to bring stuff to keep them entertained (and quiet). And stop letting them kick my chair.
  • When the plane arrives, wait for it to finish taxiing before you get up. The doors aren’t opening any time soon anyway.

Did I leave out anything that bothers you during your flights? Let me know!

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