Happy Easter and 2017 plans!

posted by Daphne April 17, 2017
One Dim Sum xiao long bao

Happy Easter everyone! I’m sitting behind my desk with a runny nose, eating a chocolate bunny the size of my head. I should do this more often.

This is just a quick update on what we’ll be doing this year, so let’s jump right in:

We’re taking off to Portugal!

After having a taste of Portuguese colonial history in Macau, we’re heading south to Portugal next month to eat egg tarts and seafood and whatever else I can get my hands on. Ideas are welcome!

Back to Hong Kong!

No year is complete without a trip to Hong Kong for our yearly dose of dim sum, milk tea and¬†pineapple buns. And egg tarts. I assure you we don’t plan our trips based on the availability of egg tarts in said country. It’s a coincidence. JUST A COINCIDENCE.

Dutch Food Tour continues

We’ll continue with our Dutch Food Tour¬†because Dutch food deserves some love and I need an excuse to eat and make my own stroopwafels.

Delicious Dim Sum Guide

I grew up eating dim sum at least once a month with family and friends and I’m itching to learn more about the dishes I love so much. And I’ll take you on my dim sum journey so you’ll know what to order even if it’s your first time trying this amazing cuisine!

Anyway, I need to get back to finishing my chocolate bunny. See you again soon!

Hope you're having a better Easter than my chocolate Easter bunny!

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