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McDonald’s around the world: Portugal

posted by Daphne May 29, 2017
McDonald's Portugal McBifana | Daily Delicious Eats

I openly admit I love chicken nuggets and I don’t care that they are an abomination and a disgrace to food in general. Not every meal needs to be heavenly fine dining, I just want bad food sometimes. This is why I’m making it a point to visit McDonald’s in every country I visit to see (and taste) what kind of local specialties they have. First on the list: Portugal!

McBifana and soup

McDonald's Portugal | Daily Delicious Eats

The Portuguese McDonald’s menu has a couple of things you won’t see elsewhere: the McBifana and a variety of soups that – considering their prominent place on the menu – must be quite popular. The kale soup (caldo verde) is the most “traditional” one you can get, but we didn’t realise that when we dove into this McDonald’s unplanned, so we got a pea soup instead. The soup was a nice addition to the meal; nothing special, but if it was on the menu here I would order it as a side every now and then.

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What is a bifana?

Bifana is a delicious pork steak sandwich you can find all over Portugal. It’s seasoned with garlic and spices, though the sandwich will be a bit different depending on where you get one.

The McBifana

The McBifana doesn’t use a pork steaks, but two thin pork patties. The bun is firm and warm, but not crispy. Don’t expect a regular American style hamburger bun by the way, this kind of bread is much firmer and requires some real chewing. The thin patties and the sauce are strongly spiced compared to other McDonald’s burgers. I thought it was rather heavy and salty. It’s also a lot of bread for such a thin patty, but I guess it might’ve tasted even saltier without all that bread to balance it out. Would’ve preferred soft and crispy bread to this chewy bread though.

Not really a fan of this one. Go anywhere in Portugal to have a real, juicy bifana instead!

On a side note: the McChicken in Portugal isn’t as good either. Seems to be a smaller patty that’s less crispy. Yes I know, I had a McChicken in a country where there’s cheap, delicious food around every corner. But it was at the zoo, away from all the deliciousness!

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