Mom’s Chinese recipes: a sneak peek!

posted by Daphne May 1, 2017
Tropical roll | Daily Delicious Eats

Yesterday three lovely ladies came over to my mom’s house for an upcoming cookbook that features 20 Chinese moms and their children. Each family provides five recipes of dishes they love and I have a feeling I’ll be learning how to cook a lot of Chinese dishes later this year!

Chinese food is more than General Tso’s chicken and egg foo young, so I’m excited to see all the authentic recipes from these Chinese moms. I don’t cook much Chinese at home, but I should; there are few flavours I love more than the umami of shiitake mushrooms and the fragrance of garlic and ginger as they sizzle over the fire. If I had to choose between my favourite chocolate or my mom’s chicken claypot rice, I will stuff my face with rice every time.

Some of the dishes my mom will teach you…

Chicken claypot rice

Chicken claypot rice | Daily Delicious Eats

A delicious chicken claypot rice that’s pure comfort food. It will punch you in the face with flavour with every single bite and you will love it.

Tea egg salad

Tea eggs | Daily Delicious Eats

Even before turning them into a salad, look at these tea eggs! They’re steeped in a mixture of tea, soy sauce and a bunch of spices overnight. The flavour and colour seeps into the eggs through the cracked shell, leaving a beautiful marbling on the eggs when you peel them.

Why tea eggs? Because my mom has the best tea in Amsterdam.

Green tea, mango, lemon and coconut roll

It might not look very Chinese, but Chinese style Swiss rolls are actually a staple in Chinese bakeries. This one is a light, creamy, tangy and sweet version my mom makes that sneaks in delicious, ripe mango in the middle.

The cookbook “Maancake & Jasmijn” (Mooncake & Jasmin) will be released in October, but only in Dutch as far as I know. I’ll provide my mom’s recipes in English when the time comes, because you really don’t want to miss out on her food!

Maancake & Jasmijn | Daily Delicious Eats

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