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Best cookie in the world: the stroopwafel | Dutch Food Tour

posted by Daphne June 8, 2017
Stroopwafel | Daily Delicious Eats

You think oreos are good? Ha, I pity the fool. Even double-stuffed, chocolate-covered oreos ain’t got nuffin’ on the stroopwafel. You haven’t lived until you’ve scorched your tongue on caramel lava from a freshly baked stroopwafel. This is the stuff of legend.

What’s a stroopwafel?

It’s a cookie made of a ball of dough that gets squished into a thin waffle in a special waffle iron. The stroopwafel master slices the waffle in half, slathers (preferably an unholy amount of) caramel syrup on the inside and laughs at you when (not if) you burn yourself with the dripping caramel.

What does it taste like?

A good, freshly baked stroopwafel is hot, crispy and chewy at the same time. The caramel is sweet, runny and sticky and pulls away like melted cheese on a pizza.

Where can I get me one o’ them stroopwafels?

For the fresh, real deal, come to The Netherlands. In my hometown The Hague there’s a stroopwafel stall in the city centre every┬áSunday, but you can usually find them at markets. Follow your nose.

Prepackaged ones are delicious in their own way – more chewy than crispy, but the taste is the same. Get these in any supermarket here for less than two euros, or buy them at any tourist shop for a tourist price. I’ve heard that you can even buy them at Walmart in the US nowadays, but I haven’t tried those.

How do I eat prepackaged stroopwafels?

You can eat them straight from the package just fine, but you can also heat them up by putting them on top of your steaming cup of coffee or tea. Alternatively, nuke them on a plate for 10 seconds or something until they’re warm.

Stroopwafel stroopkoek | Daily Delicious Eats

Wait. What are those cookies on the left?

Why, I’m glad you asked. Those are the stroopwafel’s lesser known cousin, the stroopkoek. They have the same caramel filling, but the waffle is a delicious butter cookie instead. I quite possibly like them even more than stroopwafels. You can get them at the supermarket, right next to the stroopwafels.

Alright, I’m done talking to myself. I’m off to eat a stroopwafel!

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