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Dining out pet peeves

posted by Daphne June 26, 2017
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It’s time… TO COMPLAIN! I love dining out, but I also love complaining from time to time. Since today is not a dining out kind of day, I’ve decided it should be a whiny ass kind of day. Just for one day.

When servers don’t give you time to look at the menu

When I sit down at a cafe or restaurant, I want a little time to get comfortable and look at what the place has to offer. Why do some servers feel the need to rush over immediately to take the order? Great service is great timing. The best service I’ve had was at HanTing Cuisine, where the staff was attentive (but never intrusive) to the point where I never had to ask for anything. I’m pretty sure they’re mind readers.

Pushy servers

As a tourist, some places try to push their most expensive dishes heavily. It’s annoying. Why would I order lobster in a dumpling restaurant surrounded by locals eating cheap, succulent, freshly made dumplings and noodles?

How’s your food?

*Can’t answer because mouth full of food*

So thirsty

Is this a drink for ants?! This is a problem in my country, where standard drinks are so small they can’t get you through a meal. So I get two, and I still have to carefully sip my way through dinner. This is why I love dining out in the US – they always gave me a cup the size of my head (which is small as heads go, but pretty big for a cup), plus something unheard of where I live: free refills. SWEET TEA FOR DAYS!

Though about drinking during meals: my Chinese family didn’t drink anything during dinner at home. Only the kids did. How?! Why?!

If we order spicy food, give us spicy food

Frank loves spicy food. The spicier the better. But he’s also a white guy. And you know what happens when a white guy orders spicy food? Best case scenario is being asked “are you sure?” and getting a legitimately spicy dish. Other times the server will seemingly tell the kitchen “make this one mild, it’s for a gweilo. Disappointment ensues.

Hmm, I don’t feel like cooking today. Maybe I should eat out.

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