Does rice with lard count as a meal?

posted by Daphne June 15, 2017
Lard rice | Daily Delicious Eats

I try to eat my fruits and veggies every day, honestly. Alright alright, most days. I’ll add a couple of green peas to my instant ramen (Indomie ftw) and feel pretty good about myself until I see what my healthy blogger friend eats on a daily basis. Wanna know what I have for lunch sometimes? Lard.

Lard rice is inappropriately delicious

Lard rice | Daily Delicious Eats

Pro photography skills

I didn’t make this up, white rice with lard (and a bit of soy sauce) is an actual Chinese dish that’s ludicrously delicious. Sure it will also kill you, but there are worse ways to die. First time I had it was in a restaurant in Hong Kong, but even my mom, the amazing cook that she is, has given me a plain bowl of white rice with a spoonful of duck fat for lunch on several occasions.

Instead of figuring out where to buy a bunch of lard, you can just buy a can of confit de canard, heat up a bit of fat and meat and drizzle it over your rice. Mix it all up (with some soy sauce if you want) and you have a meal that is somehow even unhealthier than instant ramen, but infinitely more delicious. Add a green pea or two if you feel bad about eating this.

It is the worst best thing you’ll ever eat. Thank me later from your grave.

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