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I’m Daphne, a short 29 year old born in Amsterdam to Hong Kong parents. I’m married to a tall Dutch guy named Frank who can say “fat piggy” in Cantonese. And I’m shamefully bad at using chopsticks, so I eat hamburgers with my hands like a savage.

Daily Delicious Eats is the food and travel blog where East meets West.

Frank and I travel to eat. Or we stay home and eat. We want to inspire you to do the same: go out there and eat all the things. There are three places we love most of all:

Hong Kong,

the city of dim sum, milk tea and egg tarts.

The USA,

because of fried chicken reasons.

The Hague,

the International City of Peace and Justice, but most importantly: our hometown.

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Daphne | Daily Delicious EatsAbout Daphne

Hot chocolate connoisseur.
Once drank a shot of espresso and lived to tell the tale.
Likes cats, science and video games.
Loves chicken nuggets.

About Frank

Bourbon collector. Coffee drinker.
Former picky eater.
Pun and dad joke generator.
Likes electronic music, BBQ pork buns. Is a console peasant.

ATUM Desserant Daphne and Frank | Daily Delicious Eats

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